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Creating preference cards and digitalizing all papers, note books, and centralizing informal knowledge within the operating rooms and wards to optimize the preparation of the OR, the medical carts, and to train new staff. 

The shared knowledge database for operating rooms and medical specialties

Find out how OxyWiki meets the needs of various key players in operating rooms (surgeons, OR nurses and OR managers), as well as physicians, by improving communication, coordination, patient care and surgical safety.

This solution is designed for hospitals and clinics, specialized care centers and social care facilities.

OR Nurse

As an OR nurse, you can create preference cards according to surgeries and surgeons’ needs.

Information is shared with your colleagues in the OR, and you can innovate by creating content to replace your pocket notebooks, and facilitate the operating rooms and material carts preparation.

OR nurse Manager

With OxyWiki, you can easily create and share standardized preparation protocols and preference cards for each procedure, improving your team’s trainings and work quality life.

Your team is trained and competent to manage all surgical procedures.


You can be sure that your surgical team is always informed of the latest updates and preparation protocols for each procedure.

With OxyWiki, you can concentrate on your work, knowing that your team is prepared and informed.

Doctors and paramedics in medicine wards

A great deal of information is shared on a daily basis between medical professionals to improve the quality of care. You can, for example, manage simplified user manuals for specific equipment and preference cards for specific nursing care.

Technology for better care

Discover how OxyWiki uses technology to improve care in operating rooms and medecine wards, offering innovative and efficient features to healthcare professionals.

OxyWiki sur Mobile

Centralization and standardization of information related to surgical procedures and specific technical care.

Moreover Preference cards and surgical procedures are created and updated by the healthcare professionals themselves, guaranteeing up-to-date & reliable information.

A picking mode eases the efficient and organized preparation of surgical or care carts.

For example, OR nurses can select the equipment required for each surgery following the lists in the preference cards, reducing errors and oversights.

Quality management of different versions of the prefernce cards, with nominative tracking of actions.

Therefore healthcare professionals are enable to track the history of modifications and easily retrieve previous versions.

Manage access rights to information according to each user's profile.

OR nurse managers can, for example, control access to sensitive information and guarantee information consistency.

Structured organization of information and integrated search engine.

Healthcare professionals can search by keyword, surgical specialty or type of procedure.


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